Making Worm Compost Tea


Making Worm Compost Tea – Back to the Homestead

Throw out all your chemical fertilizers and start making your own worm compost tea. Not to mention you’ll find an avenue to dispose of your food scraps. Think about it. You’ve prepared a nice meal and have pealings and other scraps left over. You enjoyed your meal with your family. You’ve set the example by cleaning your plate (right?) but your 8-year-old didn’t finish all his food. You have a few choices here. The first (and not my favorite) is to throw the food scraps in the garbage. You could compost the food in your compost bin or compost pile. Or, you could make the most awesome fertilizer in the whole wide world: vermicompost.

An idea is to feed the scraps to worms! Worms? Why worms?

Making Worm Compost Tea

Worm composting using the red wiggler is one of the best ways to make the best soil amendment. Another way to use your worm compost is to create a Worm Compost Tea.

Supplies needed:
30+ gallon container with a lid

Two Port Aquarium Air Pump

Two Aquarium Air stones

5 Gallon Paint Strainer

1 Bottle of Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed 1 Quart (or equivalent)

1 Bottle of Alaska Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1 Concentrate 1 Quart (or equivalent)

Roughly 30-35oz of unsulphured molasses (the kind you can eat or the horticulture molasses (avoid the feed molasses))

2-3 Gallons of Worm Castings (either home-grown or purchased (use compost or garden soil if worm castings are not available))

Here are some links to the equipment we used in the video:


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