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Doing homesteading stuff is more fun than talking about doing homesteading stuff. Well, depends on how hot it is outside (or cold). Let's talk a bit about homesteading and share some thoughts that may be important, interesting or even a bit concerning.

Micronutrients and Macronutrients – Understanding the Difference

What is a nutrient? What is a micronutrients and macronutrients? When you eat broccoli, carrots, cheese burgers and even Dutch chocolate cake, you are...

2017 HUGE Seed Catalogs List

65 Links to 65 Seed and Garden Supply Companies Christmas is over and the New Year has begun and it's time to get your seed...

Nice Folks on the Homestead – Free Compost!

People! Right? Ever wondered where the good ones are? Where have all the nice people gone? Just about the time you think the good...

Six Sure-Fire Ways to Get Kids Interested in Homesteading

Once upon a time, there was a daddy who made a garden in the back yard and planted a bunch of stuff. One of...

The NEW Homestead – First Photos of the New Homestead

Below this story are all the photographs of the new homestead. If you have a second, let me tell you a short story, and...

Wonderful Before and After Homestead Transformation

Wonderful Before and After Homestead Transformation Photographs If you have ever found a property and thought that there was no hope or if you feel your...
Rainbow Swiss Chard

Why Do I Homestead?

My name is Sulae and I love to "do it myself!" I love my community and rely on my occupation as a Registered Nurse...

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