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Grow dirt and the garden will grow itself. Composting is the single most important thing you can do on your homestead. This year's garden will use last year's compost and this year's compost will grow next year's garden. If you want an awesome garden, you'll have to know all about composting.

Best Rabbit Bedding For Indoor Bunnies

Rabbits are in our home. They are a gift from Santa and from what I know, they will be a gift to the garden...

Mulch Your Garden and It’ll Grow

The word is getting out. Mulching the garden beds is becoming more and more popular. Nonetheless, I still see bare ground on many gardens...

Nice Folks on the Homestead – Free Compost!

People! Right? Ever wondered where the good ones are? Where have all the nice people gone? Just about the time you think the good...

Planting Comfrey – 5 Considerations & 5 Nitty Gritties

Comfrey is a soil builder. To make it simple, we could practice planting comfrey root or crown cuttings right in the dirt and, with...

Let’s Talk Dirty – The Difference Between Soil and Dirt

I promote gardening almost as much as I promote The Word and get about as many “converts.” I hear everything from, “Whatever I grow...

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