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Grow dirt and the garden will grow itself. Composting is the single most important thing you can do on your homestead. This year's garden will use last year's compost and this year's compost will grow next year's garden. If you want an awesome garden, you'll have to know all about composting.

Easy 4 Step Worm Bin Setup

Last week we scored on a big bag of banana peels. The first thing I thought of was, “The worms in our worm bin...
Comfrey The Dynamic Accumulator

Comfrey: The Dynamic Accumulator Part 1

 Most everything we need to fertilize your garden plants and improve our soil is right under your feet. The only problem is finding a...

Planting Comfrey – 5 Considerations & 5 Nitty Gritties

Comfrey is a soil builder. To make it simple, we could practice planting comfrey root or crown cuttings right in the dirt and, with...

Making Worm Compost Tea

Making Worm Compost Tea - Back to the Homestead Throw out all your chemical fertilizers and start making your own worm compost tea. Not to...

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