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Privacy Policy: I believe in keeping your personal information private.

Hello, my name is SULAE. You and I have never met personally, but I will bet that we share the same interests. You enjoy gardening and homesteading. If you and I sat to share a cup of coffee, tea, or even a bottled water, we would probably find that we have a lot in common.

Assuming that we do have a lot in common, then it is my conjecture (whew! a big word) that you have an extreme dislike to receiving unsolicited email messages or spam. Forgive my presumption, but I am also assuming that you do not like any of you personal information given out to anyone (at all). To clarify the privacy policy:

When visiting Back to the Homestead, I will offer my personal guarantee that I will not, at anytime, nor under any circumstance give out any information you share with me…PERIOD!