Why Do I Homestead?

Rainbow Swiss Chard
Rainbow Swiss Chard

My name is Sulae and I love to “do it myself!” I love my community and rely on my occupation as a Registered Nurse for the majority of my family’s substance yet continue to learn and labor for self-sufficiency. I live under the understanding that whoever owns my “breadbasket” owns my future. Second only to water, what we eat is the most important thing to survival. I have grown hundreds of different varieties of plants in gardens from Louisiana, Tennessee and Idaho (and killed a good many of them along the way) and gained experience by hands-in-the-dirt rather than theory and hearsay. Often in my life I have faced a homestead with the daunting task of breaking into new, baked-hard dirt covered in weeds. That task has always been minimized by the dreams of a new garden full of rainbow chard, freckled romaine, sweetest basil and heirloom tomatoes sitting on a bed of loamy, nutrient rich soil.

Maybe that paragraph says it all. But there is a bit more to say about homesteading. It’s not all about the garden. It’s about doing it yourself as well as engaging neighbors, sharing with the community, promoting knowledge, invest in our futures, and becoming a debt-free participant in this wonderful age we are all so blessed to be part of. Though I do not agree with much of what is considered “okay” in our society, I do not hide myself from society. Working together and over-looking other’s flaws (may those flaws be objective* or subjective*) is what makes it all…society…work. It’s the like the petiole (/ˈpiːtᵻoʊl/) of the plant; you know, where the stalk attaches the leaf blade to the stem. It’s that point, the petiole, from where the plant opens itself up to the world…society…and welcomes all the wonderful things that the world has to offer. It gathers them up and takes them back to the heart of the plant…home.

“Subjective is how WE see the world. Objective is how OTHERS see the world.

On the other hand, there is one truth from the following three possibilities that will come to fruition: 1) Society will continue on and on without any repercussions from what I perceive (subjective) as misbehaving. 2) Society will continue on and on with a few bumps (some big and some small) along its path to learning what works and what does not work. 3) Or there is a societal collapse with a painful “rebooting” of society that changes everything that we know. Personally, I have known #2 to be more of a truth than the first or third possibility, but what do I know of the future? It’s not to be feared; it’s to be planned for.

I don’t homestead because I want to be a soloist or a loner. I homestead now not because I have to; I homestead now so I am ready when I need to.

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Rainbow Swiss Chard


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